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It was night.

John 13:30 (the betrayal....)

Has anyone yet caught on that our President likes to do things in the dead of night?

With the majority of the country against him, the house of representatives rammed through a healthcare bill that will cost us dearly. We continue to be blinded by our prosperity, however. And, until such time as we see this affect our 'bottom line'....we will remain largely silent. Pity.

As with my children who where all teenagers at the same time--why must we always learn things the hard way? Human nature I suppose.

Judging by the 'hits' this morning of people looking for who voted which way---this is not over by a long shot.

Let the games begin.

We The Needy

In the beginning...wait, I think that's been used before!

When you are passionate about both politics and faith, conversations can be hard to come by. Thus, a blog. In the days to come, I hope to articulate my frustration with all that is swirling around us in these days of 'hope and change'. More importantly, how all of this deadness in our culture relates back to the weakness in matters of faith.

How did we get here? I hope to point out how our 'neediness' has brought us to this precipice.

This should be interesting.