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For someone who lives and breathes politics for most of her adult life...I'm in the middle of my first (maybe second...) super bowl.  The one that will decide who the next President of the United States will be.  I could not have designed a more dynamic race if I had even had an inclination or ability to do so.

After the 'dead years' of Obama...the country is waking from their slumber.  For those of us who have always been paying attention...welcome....nice to see you!

The Republican Party is being 'torn usunder' in this race.  It should have been easy, they said.  We bring on....another Bush.  Jeb! to be exact.  He's our guy!  It's 'his turn'.  Another Bush v. Clinton election match-up! Finished.  He'll beat Hillary and life as we have come to know it in DC will continue.  In DC, I'm sure this makes sense...the Democrat Party has gotten away with this for years with it's 'constituency' - they would just promise more goodies to k…