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A New Day

As I write this, I am keeping one eye on beginning festivities on this, the Inaugural of Donald J. Trump.   Such an emotional day for me.
To say that for many of us, this has been a long road, is an understatement.  My mind went back in time this morning to the  Tea Party rally my husband and I attended in downtown St. Louis at Kiener Plaza.  When we got there....we found no less than a dozen people from our small area outside of the Greater St. Louis area.  We were not alone!  I've held on to that through the last 8 years of absolutely shocking abuses to the Constitution of the United States by President Obama.  The IRS went after the founders of this new movement in a vicious attempt to silence us.  They never understood they were adding fuel to our fire.  I learned what the word 'tea-bagger' meant--could have lived without that.  But, under Obama's leadership, all decency was out the window.
We were sorely disappointed in the election of Barrack Obama.  Admittedly, he…