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"Tolerance becomes a crime when it is applied to evil...." - Thomas Mann (1927)

All hell broke loose this week (you'll note it usually does during Holy Week...) because the State of Indiana passed a law to ensure what many of us already assume to be a right granted by the United State Constitution.  Namely, the right to freely practice one's religion.  That pesky First Amendment. 
Turns out...Indiana is the 20th state to pass such a law.  A Federal bill affirming the same rights was passed and then signed by President Clinton in 1993.  The fact that Barack Obama helped pass the same law in Illinois while 'serving' as Senator there, matters not one wit to the pols or the press.
On Wednesday evening's Liturgy of the Hours prayer all this was swirling in my head when we began:  "Evil men said:  Let us make the just man suffer; he sets himself against our way of life." Indeed he did....the Romans and the Jewish leaders didn't crucify him because…