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Tea for Me

The streets will be teeming with protesters in 80 cities throughout the country on behalf of the poor, beleaguered illegal aliens. Yawn. What else is new. Good thing they are a peaceful crowd--unlike those 'violent' tea party protesters. The Obama White house called out the swat team to handle all those hooligans sitting in lawn chairs across where the President was speaking this week in Quincy, IL. Overkill? No. The White House is painting a picture for America....and there are far too many of us that ask no questions, just believe.

Check out some of the 'dangerous' folks on Michell Malkin's site:

If I didn't pay attention to blogs....I would never have heard about this. Apparently FOX had something on it. Guess I missed it.

I will continue to follow my grandmother's advice to treat all people with respect. In return, I expect them to play by the rules--no matter how difficult. We wil…

The Prize; The Loss

Okay. So, not having prizes in happy meals will prevent obesity; pink ribbons will cure cancer; and it is racist to ask anyone for their ID/papers in Arizona. I learn so much with each and every news's frightening.

Arizona has taken this on because the Federal government is too busy making our every decision for us (eg healthcare, the cars we can buy, the homes we can build, the LIGHTBULBS we use....) to take care of what is constitutionally one of their few obligations--protecting our borders & defense. The arguments against this new 'bad law' have been astounding. Several had the very same one. "The crime experienced is only a small percentage of illegals in the state." Seriously. You can say that with a straight face to the family of Robert Krentz who was killed on his own property--shot along with his dog. Heartbreaking. Was Mr. Krentz an 'acceptable loss'? That 'small percentage' the people in Arizona shouldn't fu…


As this recession (or depression, depending on which side you are on in the joblessness of it all...) drags on, all around me I see signs of people getting back to basics. The basics of love, that is.

In the past two months, three upcoming weddings have been announced; two nieces and one son. All are on tight budgets. All are planning to wedd within a year. All are every bit as enthusiastic as my husband of 32 years and I were when we were planning our own. What a timely and refreshing reminder of what really matters.

Through this last year plus, gloom and doom seem to prevail all around us. At least that is what the news and commentators would have us believe. But the reality of life goes on. With or without money; with or without jobs; with an eye toward a future as bright as any of us have ever dared to dream. Aside from the vagaries of wedding planning, there is a palpable calm to all of these couples...and a sense of wonder at how this love can so color their wo…