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Put Asunder

Written in Stone

These summer months with their long daylight hours are perfect for a favorite pastime of my husband and I. We love to explore here in our own State of Missouri, places we haven't seen or been. It is amazing that a place you have lived for all of your adult life still has so many as yet unseen treasures.

In one of these trips a few weeks ago, we came across an area that is known for its geological granite composition. Along the way, there were more than a few places advertising special deal on granite counter tops and other items.

Now, here is where my life gets complicated. The age-old question we deal with in the how-much-is-too-much category. It is a constant battle for me. For whatever reason, I seem to have an eye for style. While I could care less about the latest designer dress or shoes...I cannot seem to pass up a new home design magazine.

Through those glossy pages, I find a fresh outlook. Not only on interior design--but on life in general. There is no doubt that …