A New Day

As I write this, I am keeping one eye on beginning festivities on this, the Inaugural of Donald J. Trump.   Such an emotional day for me.
To say that for many of us, this has been a long road, is an understatement.  My mind went back in time this morning to the  Tea Party rally my husband and I attended in downtown St. Louis at Kiener Plaza.  When we got there....we found no less than a dozen people from our small area outside of the Greater St. Louis area.  We were not alone!  I've held on to that through the last 8 years of absolutely shocking abuses to the Constitution of the United States by President Obama.  The IRS went after the founders of this new movement in a vicious attempt to silence us.  They never understood they were adding fuel to our fire.  I learned what the word 'tea-bagger' meant--could have lived without that.  But, under Obama's leadership, all decency was out the window.
We were sorely disappointed in the election of Barrack Obama.  Admittedly, he…

Mission: Control

It is primary day in Indiana.  The numbers do not look good for Senator Cruz.   The question becomes:  If Cruz loses big in Indiana, will he pull out?  Furthermore....if he does not pull out under those circumstances, will he still have a future in politics?  His team is, of course, hoping for a Hoosier win.  If that happens....there can be no doubt it is 'game on'.

I had a couple of conversations with several people over the past week regarding the pro-life issue. They simply cannot support Trump because they do not believe he is prolife.  My question to them: where has voting for 'pro-life' republicans gotten us?

Think about it.  The Republican party has used the 'pro-life' issue to retain our support in the very same way the Democrat party has used the welfare state to hold on to their base.  I have been voting 'pro-life' for over 40 years.  Nothing has changed.  Just last fall....having majorities in both House and Senate...these Republicans couldn…

Mirror, Mirror

I have been having this idea percolate over the past month or so.  The 'season' continues with an added bit of 'stolen' delegates and elections 'without voters'.  It continues to amaze me how many long-time 'conservative' websites, publications and pundits continue their kamikaze flight in continuing to bash, impune and curse Donald Trump.  If he indeed does become our next president...will any of these people have an alternate career to fall back on?  Hope so.

Particularly bothersome to me is the vitriol I am hearing from my brothers and sisters of faith..  It is one thing to disagree with the position a particular politician holds....quite another to condemn them outright.  Many even  go a step further and condemn those who do support the man they cannot abide. Shameful behavior on the part of the people of God.

All of this got me thinking of what Trump represents.  Donald Trump is a mirror to our culture.  This narcissistic, eccentric billionaire bu…


For someone who lives and breathes politics for most of her adult life...I'm in the middle of my first (maybe second...) super bowl.  The one that will decide who the next President of the United States will be.  I could not have designed a more dynamic race if I had even had an inclination or ability to do so.

After the 'dead years' of Obama...the country is waking from their slumber.  For those of us who have always been paying attention...welcome....nice to see you!

The Republican Party is being 'torn usunder' in this race.  It should have been easy, they said.  We bring on....another Bush.  Jeb! to be exact.  He's our guy!  It's 'his turn'.  Another Bush v. Clinton election match-up! Finished.  He'll beat Hillary and life as we have come to know it in DC will continue.  In DC, I'm sure this makes sense...the Democrat Party has gotten away with this for years with it's 'constituency' - they would just promise more goodies to k…


"Tolerance becomes a crime when it is applied to evil...." - Thomas Mann (1927)

All hell broke loose this week (you'll note it usually does during Holy Week...) because the State of Indiana passed a law to ensure what many of us already assume to be a right granted by the United State Constitution.  Namely, the right to freely practice one's religion.  That pesky First Amendment. 
Turns out...Indiana is the 20th state to pass such a law.  A Federal bill affirming the same rights was passed and then signed by President Clinton in 1993.  The fact that Barack Obama helped pass the same law in Illinois while 'serving' as Senator there, matters not one wit to the pols or the press.
On Wednesday evening's Liturgy of the Hours prayer all this was swirling in my head when we began:  "Evil men said:  Let us make the just man suffer; he sets himself against our way of life." Indeed he did....the Romans and the Jewish leaders didn't crucify him because…


This morning, we are late in March of 2015.  We are up and around while dark early morning surrounds us as my husband still works in the trades and they start oh so early. We live in the outlying area of St. Louis by choice, so included in that choice is early rising to get to the job site on time.

The drill has been the same for over 35 it comes as naturally as breathing to us.  Being up late at night does not--much to the chagrin of many of our extended family members.  I do love getting up early.  There is so much missed if you sleep until the sun comes up.

Today was no different.  A beautiful, light snow was falling as hubby pulled out of the driveway. Mind you, it is especially 'beautiful' at this time of year because we know it is short lived and, with temperatures hovering in the 60's and 70's for days...there is no fear of road issues.  I went back to the sun room to finish my morning prayer routine and my favorite tea.  Picture it.  The fireplace ro…

From Crisis to Faith

As dismal as the news of late has been....and my last occurs to me that I need to share the reason for the 'hope that is in me'.  I have spoken with so many people that are so fearful about all the real challenges we face in this relatively new year.  The fear is real and I have no intention of diminishing these problems.

So, let's look at the bright side.  First, complacency is no longer the norm.  No matter where we go, people are talking about the wrong direction this nation has is no longer an 'opinion' is a given.  No matter where in the political spectrum you feel it.

Humanity must first care if there is to be a significant shift in thinking.  If we are not at the 'care' level, we certainly are at the 'awake' level...and that is a beginning.  The problems are real...from our own economy to the terrorists doing what they do best--wreaking terror.

I don't know about you, but I can't walk into a coff…