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The Dawn

One of my very first posts was written a little over the first year of Barack Obama's presidency.  All felt so gloomy.  At the end of that post I used the phrase '...and it was night'. 
As it turned out, that really was the beginning of a very personal, close to home kind of nightmare.  My husband has a small contracting business and seemingly overnight, work had vanished.  We had two years of the most hellish time financially in our 35 year marriage.  My 'day job' as the Director of a non-profit paid just enough to keep us in groceries.  We regularly sought God's intervention and prayed that if it was not His will that this crisis be resolved, He would give us the courage and strength to see it through.  Most of all we prayed for and received, peace in this storm.  Provision came.  It came in ways unimaginable to us back then.  
Some friends of our from our parish suddenly decided they needed some work done at their home.  Our extended family helped and prayed…