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What A Shame

I witnessed something the other day that I almost missed. It is hard to identify something that has all but ceased to exist. But there it was, in the form of a woman who needed assistance from our office.

After years of working in a non-profit organization, first as a volunteer, now as Director, most of the people we deal with live in poverty. I am always on guard when I feel that I am becoming hardened by those in 'need', taking steps to make certain that my capacity for compassion is not impaired. There are days I have to step back and regroup and remember why I am here and what I believe God asks of me in this position. Some days are easier than others.

Our volunteers who work with these clients are a constant source of balance for me. They are wonderfully loving and giving and are always going to bat for these women, even with their Director who, by necessity, tends to be a bit more judicious in determining need vs. reality. They keep me centered.

So, imagine my surprise when…