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Slipping Away

I was warned.   My mom used to complain how "time flies" the older she got.  In my youthful mind, with three little ones under my feet, I scoffed.  Silly me.  Today, January 4, 2013, would have been her 82nd birthday.  I guess that has gotten me to thinking of all she wisely told me.
Funny how all of these memories come back regularly to remind me how much I didn't understand back then.  Back when I thought we had all the answers.  Every time I think I have things figured out....something totally new will come along and reshape my thoughts and views.
Yesterday, I noticed that I had forgotten to change the wall calendar in the kitchen.  I love the large type that fit in my frame.  I had purchased one early this year and walked to the desk drawer to get it.  Turns out, I had purchased early last year!  Oops.  Really?  Last year?  Hope it's not too late to find one that I like.  I could have sworn I just did that.  
One of my New Year's resolutions was to do a bett…