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Mission: Control

It is primary day in Indiana.  The numbers do not look good for Senator Cruz.   The question becomes:  If Cruz loses big in Indiana, will he pull out?  Furthermore....if he does not pull out under those circumstances, will he still have a future in politics?  His team is, of course, hoping for a Hoosier win.  If that happens....there can be no doubt it is 'game on'.

I had a couple of conversations with several people over the past week regarding the pro-life issue. They simply cannot support Trump because they do not believe he is prolife.  My question to them: where has voting for 'pro-life' republicans gotten us?

Think about it.  The Republican party has used the 'pro-life' issue to retain our support in the very same way the Democrat party has used the welfare state to hold on to their base.  I have been voting 'pro-life' for over 40 years.  Nothing has changed.  Just last fall....having majorities in both House and Senate...these Republicans couldn…

Mirror, Mirror

I have been having this idea percolate over the past month or so.  The 'season' continues with an added bit of 'stolen' delegates and elections 'without voters'.  It continues to amaze me how many long-time 'conservative' websites, publications and pundits continue their kamikaze flight in continuing to bash, impune and curse Donald Trump.  If he indeed does become our next president...will any of these people have an alternate career to fall back on?  Hope so.

Particularly bothersome to me is the vitriol I am hearing from my brothers and sisters of faith..  It is one thing to disagree with the position a particular politician holds....quite another to condemn them outright.  Many even  go a step further and condemn those who do support the man they cannot abide. Shameful behavior on the part of the people of God.

All of this got me thinking of what Trump represents.  Donald Trump is a mirror to our culture.  This narcissistic, eccentric billionaire bu…