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If At First....

We tried.  Our cat....the one I have dubbed "Cat' indispensable and obviously knows it.  Our son found "Cat' outside his apartment a few years back and called to see if we could give her a home.  He named her 'Sheba'--but I've never quite settled into that name, so for me she remains - 'Cat'.
I'm going to admit right up front that I am not an 'animal lover,' but when our children were still home we had our share of pets....several dogs (one at a time, thank you) and cats who mostly lived outside, and we have enjoyed them all.  We even still enjoy watching the cows that belong to our neighbor that occasionally graze in our back field.  They make for a very pastoral setting here.
Since we have said field, we have field mice.  One summer, we took a trip to Chicago for the July 4th holiday for about four days.  Our family cat had met an untimely death just weeks before we left.  Upon our return we trapped 23 mice in our home.…