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New Year's....Day Two

When I tried to post my blog from yesterday, the whole thing crashed.  So, apparently my new year's resolution was detained by technical difficulties!  Ah, such is life.

I refuse to be deterred.  At this age I no longer try and convince  myself that anything of value in this world is 'easy'.  It is not.  But we learn so much about who we really are in the challenges.

We enjoyed a wonderful holiday with several get-together's with friends and family.  But, truthfully, I am so ready to get back to:

My wellness eating planThe day-to-day 'business' of livingPlanning for the year ahead I think my 'let's get on with it' mentality is healthy.  It gets me past the days that make I want to just throw it all in and start over.  
My prayer this year is for balance and wisdom in all things--spiritual, personal, political, financial.
 I believe we will see monumental political changes this year and we will witness a country waking from it's long night's s…

New Year, New Attitude

I've decided to blog every day on something that strikes me.  Yesterday was New Years' Day, 2014, and what struck me was:
How quiet the house is after the kids have all gone back homeThe comfort of being at an age when you do not feel compelled to 'do something' for New Years EveWhat a fresh start can do for all of us as we chart a new and better courseHow grateful I am for the lessons learned in 2013 Peace and prosperity to all!
Let the new year begin!