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I remember my first exposure to what is now loosely defined as liberalism. I was maybe about eleven or twelve and we had gone to a relatives' home for dinner. Their son, a young man just finishing his first year of college had come home a few weeks before. The story the man told, was related by my father on our way home. Apparently, their son came home from college and, now being totally 'enlightened' threw out all of the meat in the freezer and the liquor in the cabinet. My Dad was incredulous. Obviously, I take after him.

In my young mind, this was puzzling. While their household was fairly affluent, our experience was that of need more than not. My Dad had been injured on the job years before and was laid up with two crushed knees for more than a year. At the time, my Mom was expecting my sister - a fourth child, so their options were limited. There was little waste in our home out of necessity and it boggled my mind to think that anyone would do this based on a college …

While You Were Out

My, how time flies when your recuperating. It has been entirely too long since my last blog and there has been oh so very much fodder. I have discovered that a rotator cuff repair and a keyboard do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Now, well on the road to healing and moving my arm, I look forward to sharing some observations since my last post.

-We had an election....boy, did we have an election.

-A personal 'battle' with the health care system as it presently exists and why I
believe this new bill will only make matters worse

-And, a new Bishop at the head of the USCCB, a pleasant surprise.

Stay tuned and thanks for checking in!