Written in Stone

These summer months with their long daylight hours are perfect for a favorite pastime of my husband and I. We love to explore here in our own State of Missouri, places we haven't seen or been. It is amazing that a place you have lived for all of your adult life still has so many as yet unseen treasures.

In one of these trips a few weeks ago, we came across an area that is known for its geological granite composition. Along the way, there were more than a few places advertising special deal on granite counter tops and other items.

Now, here is where my life gets complicated. The age-old question we deal with in the how-much-is-too-much category. It is a constant battle for me. For whatever reason, I seem to have an eye for style. While I could care less about the latest designer dress or shoes...I cannot seem to pass up a new home design magazine.

Through those glossy pages, I find a fresh outlook. Not only on interior design--but on life in general. There is no doubt that God loves beauty--it is all around us in His creation. My greatest indulgence in life is to make a pot of french press, sit in a comfy chair with a new interior design magazine and let my imagination take hold. Truly, there are not too many other things that give me such pleasure as say colors that really look good together or the styling of a quality cabinet or other piece of furniture.

We were blessed in that we bought our piece of land about twenty years ago, picked out a house with a design we loved and built it to our specifications. I still so enjoy this place. As you can imagine, twenty-plus years and three children later-it does show some wear. No where is that more evident than the kitchen. While I still love the hickory cabinets--the counter-tops are another story. For the past few years as granite tops have become so popular, I can just picture them in my kitchen!

So on our little adventure in the southern part of our State, I spotted: the sign. "Granite Products - Bargain Prices". As I was just the navigator on this trip and not the driver - I saw this sign from quite a distance, pointed it out to my husband who reminded me that there is nothing in our situation right now that would even come close to be able to make such a purchase. Killjoy. While I knew that to be the case, it is the hunt that inspires. Perhaps we could see if these really were 'the best' prices and then log that for some later time when work is more plentiful and the budget a little less restricted.

As I was doing my very best to convince him to stop we approached the building and as it neared could see that the parking lot was on the far side of the shop. I was sure I had convinced him to just stop to 'take a look'. As we came right alongside this place with the driveway in sight I stopped short. There, right at the parking lot was the entire inventory--of headstones--granite burial markers.

Once again, I was immediately reminded of our wonderful Provider-God's divine sense of humor. It was not lost on me for a moment. We had a good laugh, the Father, the Deacon and me. It was a poignant reminder that I really had all that I needed, and that indeed, if He chose to end my life at that very moment, I could not have asked for more.

Now, lest you think that I have gotten over the thought that maybe, someday, I'll be able to replace those old counter-tops with something new and shiny...not so. But it is not, nor has it ever been--something I cannot live without. Not a day goes by lately that I don't look around me and see the people that bless my life and the material blessings that most of us Americans take for granted and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving to Him who provides above and beyond all of our needs.


  1. so true. our family togetherness at the funeral this weekend was a good perspective-checker. i love my french press, too, as you know. it truly is the little things of quality that enable me to appreciate the richness of God's blessings all around.


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