The Dawn

One of my very first posts was written a little over the first year of Barack Obama's presidency.  All felt so gloomy.  At the end of that post I used the phrase '...and it was night'. 

As it turned out, that really was the beginning of a very personal, close to home kind of nightmare.  My husband has a small contracting business and seemingly overnight, work had vanished.  We had two years of the most hellish time financially in our 35 year marriage.  My 'day job' as the Director of a non-profit paid just enough to keep us in groceries.  We regularly sought God's intervention and prayed that if it was not His will that this crisis be resolved, He would give us the courage and strength to see it through.  Most of all we prayed for and received, peace in this storm.  Provision came.  It came in ways unimaginable to us back then.  

Some friends of our from our parish suddenly decided they needed some work done at their home.  Our extended family helped and prayed for deliverance.  Randy found work through a guy who he had given work to when he needed it.    At one point, he was hired by another contracting company, but our union would not allow him to take it.  (THAT is a subject sure to be covered at a later date!)  He managed to work under the radar for mostly non-union contractors.  It was never an abundance...but it did keep the lights on.

In June of this year, a big job came our way offering the steady pace of work that had been missing for the past two years.  It was shortly after that the heaviness lifted from our hearts and minds.  I felt for the first time in several years that a cloud had been removed.

Tomorrow, is November 6, 2012, and we will choose as a nation to continue the course laid out by President Obama - the politics of derision and envy and increased economic devastation.  Or, a new direction promised by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Obama expects to win.

There is a surprise in store tomorrow for the Obama campaign.  Something they could never see coming or clearly understand.  

You see, while they were dividing, the people of America started working together.  Who knew that Catholics and Evangelicals and Mormons and Jews would decide to work together instead of separately.  But this is what has happened.  We have Mr. Obama to thank for that.  What an irony....and, I believe, what a sweet victory for America tomorrow as the Romney/Ryan ticket wins big!  Yes.  I'm on record.

The pundits will puzzle at what happened and, my guess is that they will get it wrong--probably intentionally for some.  The battle will continue as we pull together as a nation to rebuild the work ethic and our shared values in a nation sorely lacking in both for the better part of a generation.  It is time.

My sleeves are already rolled up.....   To Bailee and Mia and all of those grandbabies of the 'boomer generation', what you are about to see is your future being pulled back away from a cliff and onto higher ground.  Watch.  Listen.  Learn.


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