For someone who lives and breathes politics for most of her adult life...I'm in the middle of my first (maybe second...) super bowl.  The one that will decide who the next President of the United States will be.  I could not have designed a more dynamic race if I had even had an inclination or ability to do so.

After the 'dead years' of Obama...the country is waking from their slumber.  For those of us who have always been paying attention...welcome....nice to see you!

The Republican Party is being 'torn usunder' in this race.  It should have been easy, they said.  We bring on....another Bush.  Jeb! to be exact.  He's our guy!  It's 'his turn'.  Another Bush v. Clinton election match-up! Finished.  He'll beat Hillary and life as we have come to know it in DC will continue.  In DC, I'm sure this makes sense...the Democrat Party has gotten away with this for years with it's 'constituency' - they would just promise more goodies to keep the masses quiet...and the 'battle' was over.

"Not so fast" was the overwhelming response of the people to the idea that their Republican party will choose the contender.  The  candidates--17 in all--started to wrestle for their place on the ticket.  From the beginning...there were two 'outsiders'. Sen.Ted Cruz, who has made himself an outsider by standing on principle in the Senate--much to the chagrin of McConnell and the rest--and Donald J. Trump, real estate mogul, reality TV star, media hog.  To further muddy this water, on the right....we have the "conservatives". Glenn Beck, a one-time powerhouse of the conservative movement is all-in for Ted Cruz.  National Review, and so many other 'conservatives' tremble at the thought of a President Trump.  The very thought that we let this process play out was not an option for rabid Cruz supporters and has spawned the #nevertrump movement.  The irony of this is that the 'establishment' - 'rinos' - et al are also on the #nevertrump band wagon. Strange bedfellows, to be sure.

From the beginning I will say I did know Donald Trump.  Though I'm not a fan of TV....particularly 'reality TV', but I had seen the 'YOU'RE FIRED' clips enough to get a flavor of what Trump's show "The Apprentice" was all about.  Still, it didn't interest me enough to waste precious time watching. Obviously, Trump is a household word in the real estate world that I am interested and involved in. But, President?  I really though it to be a joke.  Blustery, power-broker with that New York swagger. No thanks.

But on that fateful Tuesday (June 16, 2015), I happened to be home the afternoon that The Donald announced.  Thought it worth the entertainment value, if nothing else.  But, about fifty minutes later, I was still was my husband who is interested in politics but doesn't pay much attention to it outside of big political years.  When it was over...I looked at him and said: "Imagine being Putin or any one of our enemies--and waking up the day after the election of November, 2016, to find President Donald Trump.  They won't know what to think...won't know how do 'deal' with him."  I liked that....and I still do.

As the process progressed, I had my 'dream ticket' by August, 2015 - Trump/Cruz '16!  My early fb postings announcing this included admonitions such as 'gird your loins' because I knew that we were in a for a wild ride.

Turns out I had no idea!  In the past few months, the very people I used to look up to are now calling me ridiculous names based solely on the fact that I was willing to give Trump a hearing. At every speech, at every turn, I really though I would wash my hands of Trump and his blustery campaign. But here I am unabashedly unapologetic in my support for Trump. 'Brown Shirt', foolish, 'morally reprehensible', an 'unfaithful' Catholic, lazy, stupid...and many others not fit for this blog.

I've few friends or family that don't find him revolting or at the very least 'not presidential' and a sister who says she won't vote for him because he's 'icky' (no names here!).  So be it.  None of those in my personal world have payed attention as I have to our US politics over the last 40 years.  We are in dire straights, and Mary Poppins isn't going to fix this.  I had a fb friend who, a solid Catholic, actually stated that she didn't care what he/she did in some back room as long as our nominee was presidential-like in front of a camera.  Insert HEAVY sigh here. The election of President Obama--TWICE--should have told them (and all of us..) everything we needed to know.  But, we are hopelessly optimistic in our politicians.

There is none of this blind optimism with Trump--and I think that is a healthy thing.  Our country is sick and Trump is the cure.  Just as chemo is to may make you sick, may make your hair fall out.  It may disorient you and leave you with a lack of energy or appetite...but, in most cases, it also heals.  And, in my humble opinion....this is just the beginning.  You think this primary season is 'icky'?  Just wait until (hopefully) a Trump or Cruz is elected.  All hell will come against them to keep in place the radical agenda and changes forced on us by Obama and his minions.  The same agenda that left our country hobbled and weak. This is just rehearsal.  I want the strongest dog in this fight...and, for me, that is Trump.

In announcing her father that fateful June day, Ivanka Trump praised his work ethic, optimism and negotiating skills.  She said he says what he means, and means what he says.  This last one particularly is something we all say we want...but in the famous words of Col. Jessep in "A Few Good Men" - 'you can't handle the truth!'.   Looking back on this announcement again...nothing has happened that was not made clear in his original announcement.  I like that.

As we approach what promises to be a tough, hot summer in this campaign, anything can happen. There are meetings going on weekly by parties on all sides trying to find ways to 'kill off' the Donald. That alone should speak volumes to us.  Mitt Romney-a hero in his own eyes-slammed the same Donald who he smothered with compliments when the latter helped support him in his 2012 quest for the same job.  Dirty business, politics.

The consultant, donor and media class all hate Donald with a passion...yet- here we are.  The 'protestors' are coming out against Trump.  Our nation's enemies are 'warning us' not to elect Trump. Yet, the people are speaking.  Loudly.  If the Republican party thinks it can pull the strings at the convention in August, they are sadly mistaken.  You see, all of the 'classes' are part of the party politics game.  All of DC wins...while the nation loses.  This must end. The cancer must be completely removed if we are to have any chance of continuing the dream of America.

Many fences must be mended but my ticket remains Trump/Cruz in 2016.  And, while The National Review and all who have appointed themselves the arbiters of all things 'conservative' may have to find another way to make a living, the Democrat 'option' is totally unthinkable.  I don't call having a would-be felon bordering on Treason and a Socialist a 'choice' any of us should want to make.

The next few months will show if we are still a nation that can take the heat.


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