A New Day

As I write this, I am keeping one eye on beginning festivities on this, the Inaugural of Donald J. Trump.   Such an emotional day for me.

To say that for many of us, this has been a long road, is an understatement.  My mind went back in time this morning to the  Tea Party rally my husband and I attended in downtown St. Louis at Kiener Plaza.  When we got there....we found no less than a dozen people from our small area outside of the Greater St. Louis area.  We were not alone!  I've held on to that through the last 8 years of absolutely shocking abuses to the Constitution of the United States by President Obama.  The IRS went after the founders of this new movement in a vicious attempt to silence us.  They never understood they were adding fuel to our fire.  I learned what the word 'tea-bagger' meant--could have lived without that.  But, under Obama's leadership, all decency was out the window.

We were sorely disappointed in the election of Barrack Obama.  Admittedly, he was absolutely the president he indicated he would be during the campaign.  He destroyed the coal industry; abortion would continue unabated...and PAID for by the very churches and people that vehemently dis-avowed the practice...all so his daughters - should they make a 'mistake' - "... not be punished with a baby'; went on a apology tour early in his presidency - apologizing for a country even his wife admitted never made them proud - until he was elected.  The great 'HE'.  

Meanwhile our press couldn't get past the 'history' of Obama's presidency...ignoring the racial slurs that had buffeted conservative blacks for years.  I believe it was not his skin color they were enamored by but his ideological bent.  And, sadly, Americans did not see it....or saw it and chose that brokenness as their own.

In the meantime... the Tea Party people never rioted - never spat on law enforcement - never threw bottles filled with urine on people who agreed with us.  We just waited while we worked and raised our families.  We prayed.  We voted.  And, while the wheels of a Representative Republic move slowly...with each election that followed, we were able to chip away at the 'leadership' we were told was now 'the new normal'.

Admittedly, Obama's re-election was a disappointment.  But as the last debate between President Obama and Governor Romney ended....that election was lost to us....and I think we knew it.  I remember in my prayer time asking God... "please, Lord, NO MORE 'NICE' GUYS".  It was a response to a news anchor talking about the aforementioned 'choke' of Mr. Romney who threw away a perfect opportunity to challenge the President on the disaster that was Benghazi which had happened only a few weeks before the debate.  "Governor Romney is, well, he's a nice guy."  In this instance...'nice guys' truly did finish last!

The mid-terms in 2014 took away what was left of the majority of the Democrats in Congress...as well as huge losses in State Government houses as well.  Track were being laid.

In June, 2015, a short escalator ride now historically etched in our minds....came Donald J. Trump.  I watched more out of curiosity than interest.  Of course I knew who he was....but President?  Once I began watching his announcement -- I couldn't turn away. When he finished....I re-heard my prayer from some years ago come out of nowhere:  "....NO MORE NICE GUYS".  From that moment on...I knew Trump was not only a viable candidate, but, indeed, just may have been chosen by God 'for such a time as this'! Only yesterday, I read that Trump had applied for the Trademark for "Make America Great Again" in November of 2012....right after Romney lost that election.  Amazing!

Over the last 18 months we took a lot of heat from people who vehemently disagreed with his candidacy....most of whom did end up supporting him.  Our subdivision of a little less than 200 homes had one political sign....ours... "Trump/Pence - Make America Great Again".  I was asked by some of the early Tea Party folks I'd met if I would help distribute his signs in our county...because its leaders (almost completely Republican) were reticent to do so.  We were happy to oblige.

And now, the work continues as does the prayer and sacrifice -- in hope that our brand new, 45th President Donald J. Trump will be successful in his promise to help us Make America Great Again.

God speed, sir.


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