Slipping Away

Yesterday, we had a farewell get-together for our pastor of nine years who has been transferred to another parish. Nine years? How did that happen...and where were we? We began to hear stories of the things that have happened since June, 2001. It was a wonderful celebration of both progress and everyday matters of survival of a small, rural parish school. We were reminded that it is the little things that often have a big impact on others' lives. We would do well to remember that every day.

The celebration drew about 225 people in a parish of only about 450 families. It is, I believe, the best of our parish. People taking time out to come and say 'thanks' for selfless service so often exemplified by our priests. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful send off.

Perhaps the whole thing made us a bit sentimental. When my husband and I got home, we talked about the fact that the entire time Father had been here, we (and I do mean 'we') were preparing for the Diaconate (five years in training....four since ordination). He has been very supportive the whole time. The Deacon could not have asked for a better 'boss' in these first years since ordination...something we will not forget.

We then headed out for a light dinner at a local pizza place (St. Louis style, thank you!). As we enjoyed our meal, we recalled that this was the same place we came to monthly for several years with Randy's family. It was something his folks began years ago to try and keep everyone in touch. We would many as 28 of us at a time including college pals of their grand-kids, at CWP's for pizza and to celebrate all the birthdays for that month. Then we would head to their house for cards and just spending time together. Great times. Great memories.

Now, with Mom and Dad's health slipping away with age, we no longer meet. Life has become a little less for it. I miss keeping up with all the nieces and nephews and seeing all their friends from time to time. Somehow that window of time has closed as well.

I'm struck at how much of our lives is only really seen in the rear-view mirror. That doesn't leave much time to appreciate the 'now'. Even with all of it's difficulties and struggles, it is the 'now' that allows us to enjoy the gift of life. We need to just stop at some point in our day and look around. Take in the blessings of that day and savor them. If life teaches anything, it is the inevitability of change which often happens in such small steps, we hardly take notice--until what we took for granted becomes only a sweet memory.

Take time to take notice your life today....before it slips away.


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