Someone, Wake Up Joe Biden

To say I am disheartened about the budget 'talks' in Washington this past week would be an understatement.

I'm not an economist. In truth, until computer financial programs came along....I wasn't even big on balancing my checkbook. What I do know is this: You cannot spend more than you make without coming to the end of the road at some point. As a Catholic Christian, I understand that God has something to say about being responsible for our portion of what He has provided.

A couple of points here. First, these folks cannot not know what they are doing and, if I remember correctly, that is the definition of sin. You know what you are doing is wrong but you are hell-bent (excuse the pun) on proceeding no matter the outcome. The warning signs are all around. Second, most politicians from both parties are concerned about only one thing: re-election. Listening to President Obama's speech, I realized how bad this problem is. It is akin to handing over everything we have to our teenagers to manage. Sound absurd? What else would you call these people who cannot bring themselves to get spending under control to prevent what will, in the end, destroy our very way of life. For them it is all about now. What I want. There is no thought of tomorrow, let alone the generations that follow.

I will confess that I did not hear his speech. I cannot bring myself to spend more than a nanosecond listening to this President. Perhaps it is his incessant condescension or a feeling that comes over me every time he speaks that he is lecturing me. In my mind he is no more than a pipsqueak and a bully. Still, I like staying informed on the politics of the day--so I dutifully checked some trusted websites. The favorite item I came across was a little piece on Vice President Joe Biden 'snoozing' through the President's speech.

To be honest, who of us hasn't found ourselves snoring in a public setting a time or two. Usually, we are in a place where we find ourselves bored but comfortable. It got me to thinking. One, Mr. Biden did not expect to hear anything 'new' and certainly nothing that would shake the status quo he and his fellow politicians have so painstakingly constructed over the last 40 years. All would remain safely intact. There was nothing he expected to hear that would have him sitting at the edge of his seat. Nothing.

Apparently, our entire nation has fallen asleep. Lulled into a sense of security that really never existed but for the security of a federal government that can and does print money. Aunt Edith wants her promised Social Security and Medicare--though she wish someone would have told her how short they would fall of what her needs truly are; Harvey expects his unemployment to go on indefinitely-after all, how can he start something new now that he is in his forties; Tiffany and her children need their WIC every month; Corey needs his SSI check for his drug use 'handicap'; and, well, you get the gist. I know there are legitimate needs out there, but have we ever really known the difference or had the courage to just say 'no' when warranted? The "Great Society" it turns out was merely an effort to make our politicians permanent fixtures.

Representative Paul Ryan also unveiled his budget proposal this week. It is well thought out and at least can be considered a serious attempt to fix what is broken. So far, most Americans have just rolled over, complained about how its cuts are 'too deep', its reach 'too broad' and pushed the snooze button. The problem of course is that the snooze button keeps going off every few minutes. Eventually we have to wake up, splash some cold water on our face and get serious about the task ahead and pray for courage and guidance.

America, it's time to wake up.


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