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In the midst of the exuberance over our Cardinal baseball World Series win last fall, St. Louisians were shocked and saddened, first by the Amber alert issued for a 13 month old boy and then the unbelievable news that his young mother was being arrested in connection with his death. The cold water of reality took our breath away.

There are no words to alleviate our sorrow in this situation, no actions that can make up for what was lost in the promising life of this little guy -- and the loss of a bit of our collective humanity.

As Director of a crisis pregnancy office, our responsibility to our clients is always foremost in my mind. In truth, we can never know for sure what home situation a young woman may be facing as she leaves our office after a positive pregnancy test. Though we do our best to ascertain what any and all of her needs may be, there are so many variables in our society--so many things once considered unthinkable that have now, sadly, become the norm.

I don’t know what the answer is. I do know that our God chooses often to dwell in brokenness. Each of us, born and unborn have worth and dignity in the His eyes. We do our best to express that very idea to our clients in the way we care for them. We can address many of their needs--but not all.

Could part of the answer lie in all of us just paying more attention to those around us? Perhaps a kind word and a smile to a frustrated young mother you see in a store or an office. Maybe showing interest in a neighbor down the street that you don’t know well but you sense that they are having difficulties of some sort--small kindnesses go a long way. In the eyes of God, we are ‘mankind’ and He has asked us to look out for each other.

Maybe we can add that to our New Year’s resolutions for 2012. Living with eyes wide open to need. Not being afraid to get involved. A gesture made in love will not be easily turned away.

Who knows, the person you may really help, might be you!


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