From Crisis to Faith

As dismal as the news of late has been....and my last occurs to me that I need to share the reason for the 'hope that is in me'.  I have spoken with so many people that are so fearful about all the real challenges we face in this relatively new year.  The fear is real and I have no intention of diminishing these problems.

So, let's look at the bright side.  First, complacency is no longer the norm.  No matter where we go, people are talking about the wrong direction this nation has is no longer an 'opinion' is a given.  No matter where in the political spectrum you feel it.

Humanity must first care if there is to be a significant shift in thinking.  If we are not at the 'care' level, we certainly are at the 'awake' level...and that is a beginning.  The problems are real...from our own economy to the terrorists doing what they do best--wreaking terror.

I don't know about you, but I can't walk into a coffee shop or a waiting room or even a Walmart lately without coming upon a conversation about the things happening all around us.  People are looking for answers; and as Catholic Christians, we have what they are looking for.  We have an amazing opportunity to speak truth to people here.  May God help us make the most of it.

Here are some suggestions to do just that:

  • Prepare ye...  With the internet and all the darkness that can emanate from it...there is light.  If you are wanting to understand/learn more there are so many helps online.  From websites to podcasts, they are but a push of a button away.  When we meet God there is one thing for sure...we can't say 'I didn't know'.  Most of us have this resource right in our own homes without spending any more money--just some time.  What follows are some I've found invaluable.  Once you begin, you too will find your own favorites.

           -Apps:  Yep!  There's an 'app' for that!  

                              Laudate is my personal favorite. (There are many others)

                              One-stop for prayers, scripture, teachings,meditation


                     - a site from the Knights of Columbus. .

                      - News - Television - Radio

             -Catholic Radio:  Not your mama's radio! 

                               -St. Joseph Radio
                               -Ave Maria Radio
                               -Immaculate Heart
                               -Relevant Radio

                               -Word on Fire - Fr. Robert Barron
                               -Christ is the Answer - Fr. John Riccardo
                               -Catholic Answers

This list is by no means exhaustive....the beauty of any of these resources is the layers and layers of other material you can find when you start listening, watching and just paying attention to any of these programs.  Listen, learn and love your faith all over again.  There is power here!

Finally, set aside some quiet time daily.  To pray...but also to listen.  We need quiet to hear the still, small voice of God.  Maybe going to Mass just one extra day per week.  Adoration can be a wonderful blessing.  What starts out as 'awkward silence' (we aren't used to silence) becomes a wonderful feeling of peace that surrounds the Real Presence of Christ.  Does an hour seem daunting...then how about starting with 15 minutes?  

Just START!  It is the best way I know to 'finish well'. 



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