Mirror, Mirror

I have been having this idea percolate over the past month or so.  The 'season' continues with an added bit of 'stolen' delegates and elections 'without voters'.  It continues to amaze me how many long-time 'conservative' websites, publications and pundits continue their kamikaze flight in continuing to bash, impune and curse Donald Trump.  If he indeed does become our next president...will any of these people have an alternate career to fall back on?  Hope so.

Particularly bothersome to me is the vitriol I am hearing from my brothers and sisters of faith..  It is one thing to disagree with the position a particular politician holds....quite another to condemn them outright.  Many even  go a step further and condemn those who do support the man they cannot abide. Shameful behavior on the part of the people of God.

All of this got me thinking of what Trump represents.  Donald Trump is a mirror to our culture.  This narcissistic, eccentric billionaire businessman has garnered wide-spread appeal.  Part of this is his 'star power'.  He is an entertainer in his heart.  Trump can play the media.  This is the perfect package, wrapped in a big red bow for our culture in America today.

Example.  A few weeks ago, mega-star, Prince passed away.  As sad as this news was - at it's core....a 57-year-old it would seem was destroyed by the very lifestyle that prompted all the 'purple' on my social media page.  Really?  This is a disaster in your life?  You must have a pretty good life.

We are a culture of reflexive adoration. The more we see of someone the more we idolize him or her. We have a tendency to excuse this fixation on the one hand but then we are appalled that a man running for President is using that very thing to draw people to consider him.

At our core, however, we are a nation of winners.   We have forgotten that in the last several election cycles.  Donald Trump is reminding us what winning looks like....and America is hungry for it.  He speaks in simplistic terms, endearing many who have been cast aside for so long as if they were just numbers on the latest census form.  All the "smart" people have all the answers.  Well, the people who make America work are saying 'no more'....loudly and clearly.

Trump is not afraid of rejecting the politically correct -- neither are most Americans -- when we are safely in our homes.  The very idea that he is boldly proclaiming what we have been talking about around our dinner tables and at family gatherings is refreshing and inspiring.

More importantly, Trump shows grit and determination and fight.  Our problems and our bloated bureaucracy desperately need this kind of leadership and the people know it.  


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