Mission: Control

It is primary day in Indiana.  The numbers do not look good for Senator Cruz.   The question becomes:  If Cruz loses big in Indiana, will he pull out?  Furthermore....if he does not pull out under those circumstances, will he still have a future in politics?  His team is, of course, hoping for a Hoosier win.  If that happens....there can be no doubt it is 'game on'.

I had a couple of conversations with several people over the past week regarding the pro-life issue. They simply cannot support Trump because they do not believe he is prolife.  My question to them: where has voting for 'pro-life' republicans gotten us?

Think about it.  The Republican party has used the 'pro-life' issue to retain our support in the very same way the Democrat party has used the welfare state to hold on to their base.  I have been voting 'pro-life' for over 40 years.  Nothing has changed.  Just last fall....having majorities in both House and Senate...these Republicans couldn't cobble together enough votes to ban late term abortions in a bill that went down to defeat last September.

As the Director of a crisis pregnancy center, it has become clear to me that the abortion issue has no place in our politics.  What does that mean?  NO FUNDING by the government--federal or state...to assist in the murdering of children...born or unborn.  This includes sending funds and 'assistance' to third-world nations to 'help' them control their populations.  Cut it out of our budget -- completely!     Beyond that, it should not be used as the political football it has become over the last 40 years.  This game is over.

Our office, part of an international organization,  is constrained by our Charter from taking any government funding.  We raise our own funds and are fully supported by people who agree with our mission.  And so it should be.

Time to wake up to this issue...and so many others that the ruling class have used against us.  Mr. Trump has said he believes Planned Parenthood 'does a lot of good'.  He and I would disagree.  However, he has also said that after seeing the videos released last year with the 'body part' sales people....he would defund.  This must be done and I intend to hold his feet to the fire on this.  I think we have a much better chance of that happening under a Trump presidency than one with Cruz at the helm.

This election has proven to be one of exposing all the darkness in our political system.  The people are taking this country back.  The people are having their say.  There was a poll online that asked if the people are voting for Trump because they like him, or they are just resigned to his seeming inevitability.  After many election cycles where the latter has been the case..I agree with the happy faces I saw on  those many folks waiting in line to vote today in Indiana that the media was covering this morning.   Trump has brought and energy and a joy back to the process like no other.  I plan to enjoy the ride.


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