As this recession (or depression, depending on which side you are on in the joblessness of it all...) drags on, all around me I see signs of people getting back to basics. The basics of love, that is.

In the past two months, three upcoming weddings have been announced; two nieces and one son. All are on tight budgets. All are planning to wedd within a year. All are every bit as enthusiastic as my husband of 32 years and I were when we were planning our own. What a timely and refreshing reminder of what really matters.

Through this last year plus, gloom and doom seem to prevail all around us. At least that is what the news and commentators would have us believe. But the reality of life is....it goes on. With or without money; with or without jobs; with an eye toward a future as bright as any of us have ever dared to dream. Aside from the vagaries of wedding planning, there is a palpable calm to all of these couples...and a sense of wonder at how this love can so color their world and bathe it in beauty.

Do they know they are giving us all a glimpse of the future allowing us to remain optimistic in the present? Probably not. That's ok. For now, I happily receive each phone call from my son as he and his beloved try to stay focused on the big picture as well as the minute details of their special day.

In these days where so very much in our culture seems out of our control, it quiets me to know that we are still willing to set out into the deep. Hand in hand take on whatever the future holds and allow our optimism to spill over to those who love us, work with us or are connected through friendships. God bless them....and God bless their love.


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