The Prize; The Loss

Okay. So, not having prizes in happy meals will prevent obesity; pink ribbons will cure cancer; and it is racist to ask anyone for their ID/papers in Arizona. I learn so much with each and every news's frightening.

Arizona has taken this on because the Federal government is too busy making our every decision for us (eg healthcare, the cars we can buy, the homes we can build, the LIGHTBULBS we use....) to take care of what is constitutionally one of their few obligations--protecting our borders & defense. The arguments against this new 'bad law' have been astounding. Several had the very same one. "The crime experienced is only a small percentage of illegals in the state." Seriously. You can say that with a straight face to the family of Robert Krentz who was killed on his own property--shot along with his dog. Heartbreaking. Was Mr. Krentz an 'acceptable loss'? That 'small percentage' the people in Arizona shouldn't fuss about?

How did we get here? Bit by bit we have been taken over by the politically correct. The 'feel' instead of 'think' crowd. What a mess. All because somewhere along the line, the majority--based on the '08 election results-- have decided life is just too hard. We should never have to suffer. We have rights...and dismiss the responsibilities that go along with them. No one should ever tell us 'no'. The government should provide for every need. It will. Won't that be fun. I was reminded yesterday about a quote that Wm. F. Buckley wrote and then often referred to..."Socialism does not work because it is socialism - capitalism doesn't work because of capitalists". We have unilaterally decided to throw the baby out with the bath water.

I am still crazy enough to think that I will make those decisions for myself, thank you. I will help you when I can but will never overstep and do for you what you know you should do for yourself. I will never trample your dignity so you will 'owe me'. But in doing so, I will irritate you--guaranteed. Gee. That sounds a whole lot like raising children to be responsible adults...of which I have three.

This is more proof of why God intended the family as the microcosm of society. What works for one, works for another. When it doesn't work--disaster ensues. Maybe we need to catch our breath and start over--one family at a time. And, an occasional Happy Meal can't hurt.


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