Tea for Me

The streets will be teeming with protesters in 80 cities throughout the country on behalf of the poor, beleaguered illegal aliens. Yawn. What else is new. Good thing they are a peaceful crowd--unlike those 'violent' tea party protesters. The Obama White house called out the swat team to handle all those hooligans sitting in lawn chairs across where the President was speaking this week in Quincy, IL. Overkill? No. The White House is painting a picture for America....and there are far too many of us that ask no questions, just believe.

Check out some of the 'dangerous' folks on Michell Malkin's site: http://michellemalkin.com/2010/04/28/riot-polic-called-in-to-protect-obama/

If I didn't pay attention to blogs....I would never have heard about this. Apparently FOX had something on it. Guess I missed it.

I will continue to follow my grandmother's advice to treat all people with respect. In return, I expect them to play by the rules--no matter how difficult. We will see how these May-day protests turn out. But there is a deeper issue here.

I had a lady come in for an interview as a volunteer for our organization. Never have I met someone so old before her time--and demoralized. I had spoken with her on the phone and expected to meet a older woman. She was my age! Fifty-something. As her story unfolded, I came to understand her attitude. She is an LPN who injured her back eight years ago. She is now on disability. "It's driving me nuts not being able to do anything!" I asked if she could not perhaps find a job with her knowledge and skill set that would perhaps be more of a desk job not requiring her to use her back. She looked at me, stunned. "I can't do that! I am only allowed to make $1,600 a year or I loose my Disability". Checkmate.

Don't tell me we are 'compassionate' when we allow the government to stunt a life so full of promise. My Dad went through a similar situation. He had a major stroke at 49years of age. He went from his management job which required much travel to not even being able to drive a car. For the 13 years of his disability, he and my Mother would argue because he desperately needed to find something to do--a job, and a little dignity. My Mother would not hear of it because without their disability, they would not have survived. If he went to work, then found he could not continue, the disability would be gone. It was extremely frustrating for my family. This all-caring policy by our government ruined a life--and almost a marriage. Eventually, he did find something to do--he volunteered at a nursing home near enough for him to walk. It was a blessing in so many ways. But this was a wound much deeper than his health issues...it scared his pride.

But, I have to ask. How many people are out there under that same 'thumb' that came attached with a 'benevolent' government? Some have known nothing else. Welcome to the new Social Justice--the one that too often even my Church defends. Pity.

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