Road Trip....

We head for Chicago this weekend for our son's graduation from grad school! When did that happen? Wasn't he a kid just yesterday? Indeed. Time moves so quickly we seldom stop and live the 'moment'. For me, the road trip is the only way to do that.

For one thing, you can't really rush it. The drive between St. Louis and Chicago is, shall we say...less than inspiring....and it cannot be rushed. We will leave early so we have plenty of time to stop at a couple of favorite small towns along the way; a couple of antique shops just to see what's 'new'-- savoring the moments that allow us to be lifted up out of our circumstance of daily living one mile at a time.

It is on those trips that my faithful companion and husband of almost 33 years and I find the time and space to dream. Dreams of the future...plans 'full of hope' that our Lord has promised us in the scriptures. Somehow that is difficult to do when we are at home. For us, home is both the place we live and the center of our business dealings. Something always needs 'doing' -- I believe someone called it the 'tyranny of the urgent...' I have a difficult time separating the 'parts' of my life. The wife part, the Mom part, the 'Nana' part, the business owner part, the Director of Services part (my 'outside' job), the active parishioner part; all of which are tied up in the child of God part.

Occasionally, I believe we need to separate ourselves emotionally and physically from our ever growing to-do lists and just be. We are human beings, after all---not human 'doings'. This trip will give us just such an opportunity. We will spend time with our son and his fiance talking, planning and laughing--celebrating this wonderful accomplishment of a kid that just would not be satisfied with anything less than his vision for his life. He is an inspiration to me. By God's grace, we will return refreshed and invigorated to sort through all the dailies once again, with a better focus on our own vision.


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