Under the Radar

Everyone who knows me knows I am passionate of all things political. It, to me, is a most interesting study of the human condition. As I write this, I am channel surfing to all the news that is news about the primaries happening today in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas. The Tea Party has had a big victory in Kentucky with Rand Paul and the others are still not able to be called.

I find it humorous that this Administration blows off the defeat after defeat after defeat for his party as something they are 'not paying any attention to'. Right. What is interesting is the White House and those minions surrounding this President and pressing toward their very socialist agenda have something far more catastrophic to worry about, and they are clueless. It happened this weekend.

For years I have listened to Evangelical Christian radio. Though I consider myself a devout Catholic, I owe much to my brothers and sisters in Christ that provided a medium that put the meat on the bones structured in my Catholic upbringing. From them I learned a real love for the Gospels, timely advice in raising three children and the undeniable richness of a faith on fire. In fact, it pointed me--albeit unintentionally-- back to the faith of my fathers.

Lot's of the fine folks coming across those airwaves have very strong views on the differences of who is 'saved' and who is not. Most consider Mormons (and even Catholics...) to be part of a 'cult' yet to be saved. Our Catholic understanding of the Mormon faith is not far from that. I never took it personally, but I was for this very reason reluctant to recommend listening unless I knew that a fellow Catholic had a fairly good grasp of his/her faith.

But here's the thing. This weekend, while the mainstream media was focused on what would be the fallout of this days' elections, something quite historic was taking place. Liberty University, a fundamentalist Baptist university in Lynchburg, Virginia, founded by none other than Dr. Jerry Falwell had as it's commencement speaker Glenn Beck, a devout Mormon. No matter what you may think of Beck, this is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Did you feel the earth tremble? Maybe we should have. We live in historic times. Times that 'try men's souls'. Survival requires a new understanding of who your friends are....and who they are not. I believe God is in the midst of all of this and it brings me great comfort.

Who knows. We may find that we owe a debt to those who would try to undermine our nation--for assisting us in building the City of God.


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